CL&P barricades Stamford substation

STAMFORD — CL&P officials are frantically working to barricade the South End substation, which controls power for all of the city south of Bull’s Head, Emergency Management Director Tom Lombardo said.

CL&P called city officials Sunday night and requested police officers, which met utility crews at the South End substation at 6 a.m. Monday. Workers are spending the day constructing 6-foot barriers around the electrical station to protect it from flooding.

“They’re going to encircle the entire South End substation,” Lombardo said. “They are going to seal those barriers that they’re putting in place and they’re going to have pumps inside of the barrier so they can pump water out should it seep in. It’s an arduous process, it’s going to be a long process.”

The South End substation controls power to Stamford’s central business district, Harbor Point and the majority of the city south of Bulls Head, Lombardo said.