Milford swimmer found dead

UPDATE: The body of Brian Bakunas, 34, of Milford  was found off of Smith’s Point by Milford Police.

The Coast Guard also corrected an earlier press release that stated Bakunas’ age as 40.

ORIGINAL POST: The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting a search of the waters off Milford today looking for a man who was seen swimming in the rough waters Monday night

The Coast Guard said  Brian Bakunas, 34, was last seen swimming in heavy surf near the Walnut Beach Pier shortly before 8 p.m.

Waves were at record levels at the time and winds were gusting at more than 40 mph.

Bakunas is the second person missing off the Milford coast.

A kayaker is also still missing after he became distressed early Sunday morning. Another man was pulled to safety by emergency responders.

The Coast Guard searched the Sound along with Milford police and firefighters, but had to abandon their effort after the waters became too rough. Police have not yet identified the kayakers, but said both are 21.

According to WFSB, two people talked to Bakunas, who told them he was planning on getting in the water to swim.

When he did, the two people said the strong tide pulled him out into the water and he could not swim back to shore, WFSB reported.

One of the people ran to call 911 while the other kept watch over Bakunas as he was struggling, but eventually went under the water and never surfaced, the station reported.

Jim Shay