Several towns postponing, canceling Halloween

For the second year in a row, a major storm has forced several towns to delay Halloween festivities, deeming the streets unsafe for Trick-or-Treaters.

Here are some of the towns that have told kids to stay inside Wednesday night:

  • Fairfield: Postponed to Nov. 7.
  • Greenwich: Postponed; new date to be announced later in the week.
  • Milford: Mayor Ben Blake said Halloween has been postponed until Nov. 7. The city is partnering with the Westfield CT Post Mall for their Halloween Dance, which will still be held Oct. 31, starting at 4 p.m. It is a children’s event and costumes are requested. For more information, contact Amy Daniels at 203-301-2240.
  • New Canaan: Postponed. Town will provide an alternative, but no date set yet for that.
  • Norwalk: “The governor is suggesting people stay off the roads. That should be suggestion enough,” Mayor Richard Moccia said. “My suggestion is if you want to celebrate Halloween, consider neighborhood parties indoors. I’m not insensitive to the kids. I am worried about them.”
  • Stamford: Mayor encouraging parents to curtail outdoor activities.
  • Trumbull: Postponed until Sunday, Nov. 4. Westfield Trumbull Shopping Park is sponsoring a Halloween party for all Trumbull residents between 4 and 6 p.m. Wednesday.
  • Westport: Not postponed, but First Selectman Gordon Joseloff urged parents to use extreme caution when accompanying their children trick-or-treating. “Trick-or-treating should be done in areas that are safe, away from downed trees and wires,” he said. “We urge parents to use their best judgement and to be home by dark.”
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Tom Cleary

17 Responses

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  2. Doglover says:

    Halloween is Halloween and that’s that. There are so many kids that love and expect on October 31. The town can’t postpone a holiday. Yes kids are outside, but seriously have police around and mark off dangerous roads and areas. There are so many solutions for the town so why can’t they think of them.

  3. tiba says:


  4. John Reilly says:

    The News-Times is a local newspaper. How about publishing Halloween updates about the towns surrounding Danbury? That would be useful. More amazing is that the blog doesn’t even mention Danbury.

  5. NorthBridgeport says:

    Tina, talk to the people in New Jersey and ask them if they think it wasn’t a catastrophe. Maybe the people in Queens whose homes burned in that massive fire. I bet it was catastrophic to them. We were lucky in Connecticut, the damage was bad enough but could have been much worse.

  6. Tina Sparkle says:

    Krista, you are a complete and total idiot. “Catastrophe”??? This storm was NOTHING compared to Katrina. And as for that stupid remark about sex offenders, do you really think a sex offender is going to yank your kid inside to molest them right in front of you? Where is your brain, or are you on crack?

  7. Krista says:

    Great! Just toss your safety and consideration for our neighbors into the wind because your special little snowflakes are sad they can’t trick or treat tonight since you’re still going. Honestly, people- there are citizens with extensive damage to their homes & properties and I think people were a little more preoccupied with securing their homes and families this past weekend than they were with getting candy for halloween. Just because you see a home with power tonight doesn’t mean they’re interested in participating, given the catastrophic event that we’ve all just been through.
    How about explaining the gravity of the situation we’re still in to your children instead of whining with them that it just isn’t fair to cancel trick or treating and those town officials are just big old meanies. Sheesh.
    It would be nice to see more common sense like Therese’s.

  8. Hong fang says:

    What about new haven?

  9. Zeke says:

    I agree with Therese 100%

  10. Therese says:

    How will you be able to trick or treat? Bridgeport is without power, you need the porch light to know who has candy, so how is it possible to trick or treat? Just knock on everyones door? That would mean sending your kids to a potential sex offendors door, who are required to keep their porch light off. More opportunities for kidnappings and robberies with everything being so dark. Safty first people, think ahead!

  11. Mike says:

    I think you are all nuts that say Halloween can’t be canceled! It’s a public safety issue for the town and what about the residents who have no electricity? Are they going to be thrilled about giving out candy when they are cold and dark and uncomfortable after days without it? The only sensible thing to do is postpone it until all or nearly all of the lights are on and the roads are clear of trees and debris. Otherwise, have fun and don’t die for a snickers bar!

  12. CB says:

    You can’t cancel Halloween. Halloween is October 31 like it or not. You can say, hey, it would be a good idea to do trick or treating next week if you want for safety reasons, but you simply can’t cancel Halloween.

  13. Ryan S says:

    My kids are very upset since last year they couldn’t trick or treat much either. We will be going Trick or Treating. Just Cautiously Any power Lines that are down they should be marked or blocked and if they are not people should stay clear of these areas. Try to stay in Complexes where there is power and more people. Try to stay off of dark roads. Everyone who does decide to go should proceed with caution.

  14. Jillian says:

    Shelton is not postponing Halloween. CT Post incorrectly stated that it was postponed.

  15. ulises amaya says:

    does Ansonia ct have Halloween on October 31, 2012?

  16. Robby says:

    Has Danbury not postponed until Sunday? If so, why is Danbury not on this list considering that this story is front and center on the Danbury News-Times website?

  17. Dave G. says:

    I understand safety, but what burns me up is the audacity of a town government to think they have the power to cancel a public holiday. The key word there, folks, is PUBLIC. It’s not a holiday at the town’s discretion. This happened in my town last year too. All it meant was trick or treaters came by twice. We had the ones that went out anyway as well as the ones that waited and did as they were told.

    What about letting people make their own decisions?