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Update from Bridgeport on power, damage


From Mayor Bill Finch’s office (1 p.m. update)

With more than 40,000 customers in Bridgeport still without power following Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bill Finch and the City of Bridgeport continue its restoration and recovery efforts.

“We appreciate the patience of all of our residents during these very difficult times,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “To all of those residents who are without power, I share your frustration. The residents of Bridgeport deserve more attention from our utility provider.”

The Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center remains activated with operators receiving numerous calls from residents. For storm-related issues, residents should call (203) 579-3829. For calls related to power outages, residents are asked to call 1-800-7-CallUI (1-800-722-5584).

United Illuminating and City Public Works crews are working in tandem to clear trees and debris from power lines.

While the power remains out in several parts of the City, public safety remains the highest priority. Mayor Finch advises residents to use extreme caution while driving through intersections, as many of the traffic lights are not functioning. Many of the intersections have temporary stop signs.

• Mayor Bill Finch has advised parents who desire to take their kids trick-or-treating for Halloween tonight to do so before sunset this evening. Due to downed trees and power lines, its suggested that parents accompany their children while trick-or-treating.

• Bridgeport Public Schools were closed on Wednesday, October 31. Superintendent of Schools, Paul G. Vallas said that Board of Education is working hard to open schools as soon as possible. Parents are advised to check local media and the Board of Education school email system.

• Additionally, Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett assured everyone that there will be a strong public safety presence in Bridgeport, including double the police force, in addition to Connecticut State Troopers and National Guard continue to work in tandem with the Bridgeport Police Department to ensure safety.

• The City has charging stations for residents at three Bridgeport Public Library locations: Burroughs-Saden, Newfield and North Branch. Additionally, the City has opened a charging station today at Margaret E. Morton Government Center, 999 Broad Street; it will be open until 5 p.m.

• The City currently has one shelter open at Cesar Batalla School.

• The City’s Garbage/Recycling pickup is on a delayed schedule. Pickups are one day behind due to the storm. On Thursday morning, crews will be on their regular Wednesday route.

In the event of power outages, Fire Chief Brian Rooney asks residents to practice caution:

• Be prepared with working flashlights, and an extra supply of batteries in your home

• Never touch downed power lines. It is safe to assume that all fallen lines are live electric wires. If you see a downed power line, report it immediately to the Emergency Operations Center at 203.579.3829, or call United Illuminating at 1-800.722.5584.

• Do not operate generators indoors

• Do not use gas stoves to provide heat

• Do not operate grills indoors

For storm-related incidents call the Emergency Operations Center at 203.579.3829

To report a power outage call 1-800-7-CALLUI.

For emergencies call 911

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Jim Shay

19 Responses

  1. Ang says:

    UI seems to be doing a great job to me, it is only 3 days after the storm. As For BPT there is no short end of it … Mayor did not know his facts the guy is just Dumb- Bridgeport -47% with out power- Easton- 82.56% with out power Fairfield 56.58% out, monroe 81.82% Milford 47.57% New Haven 7.79% Orange 100% Redding 100% southport 99.95% trumbull 70.61% Weston 90% Ok I am just saying if you are going to make a comment like that … Know your information This guy is a JOKE

  2. RichardLV says:

    Sounds like Bridgeport gets the short end of the stick. I wonder how they set up the pecking order of who goes first? I’d like to be a fly on the wall during that meeting…

  3. ConcernedCitizen says:

    I think there needs to be more of a collective effort. As person who has a family member who works for Bridgeport public works and as a person without power. I believe there needs to be more of a game plan on how to fix this. There also needs to be UI and public works teams formed. This will ensure that there is no wasted manpower. Bridgeport is not more important than anywhere else!! But we are just as important any where else. the workload needs to be spread by the amount of outages proportionate to the amount of workers.

    Be safe everyone!

  4. Dropping the Ball says:

    UI is dropping the ball this time around and CL &P is doing a better job. News reports state the utility companies will have a plan by tomorrow about restoration. What have they been doing the last two days. The dust settled on Tuesday 10/30 at 800am, 24 hours later no plan. 48 hours later we will have a plan. This is crazy. It appears the crews have no direction from upper management and poor communication. I am glad they spent all that money to centralize operations in Orange. How is that working out for them??? Who suffers and pays for the bill for the clean up again? US.

  5. bptresident says:

    who said they deserve more attention than anyone else?! why is that even an issue…jealous much? over attention lol. wow. the point is all the same everyones lights that are out need to be on wheather ur in Greenwhich or bridgeport! so what who gets taken care of first or last, people always looking for a dispute. jeeeez

  6. M. J. V. says:

    Finch said: “The residents of Bridgeport deserve more attention from our utility provider.” My State taxes support Bridgeport. If Bridgeport taxes are higher than other towns, do not elect people like Bill Finch.

  7. Marlene says:

    No one is saying that Bridgeport deserves MORE attention than anyone else, but for many years there’s been a bad habit of leaving Bridgeport for last… and THAT’S unfair to the people, that pay as much if not more taxes than residents elsewhere…

  8. RealityCheck72 says:

    I saw some trucks in Shelton, a few in Stratford last night…none since. This is a complete cluster f**k…Governor Malloy, even you have to see that the power companies didn’t learn jack sh*t. When you apparently have more people this time, usually that means you have more to attack the problem….well apparently not.

  9. M. J. V. says:

    So why do Bridgeport residents deserve more attention than anyone else? My town Trumbull has 88% out of power.

  10. Bpt Tax Payer says:

    As a homeowner and taxpayer in the City of Bridgeport.. i’d like to echo the words of the Mayor… I have been as patient as possible, but that patience is coming to an end. No power since 5:30ish Monday is horrible… especially given the fact that there are no updates coming directly from UI in termns of a schedule or even an estimate of when power will be restored.

  11. DC Bongo says:

    The north end (near SHU) is waiting for a substaion to be turned back on as we were turned off to protect the systems. Why we don’t get turned on faster is disapointing and surprising.

  12. Vanessa says:

    North Bridgeport is a ghost town, no power since monday at 5:30 pm. UI cannot tell you when will they restore power. They need to work faster, I saw a UI worker by a tree down for at least 6 hours yesterday, he was waiting for the tree to be cut down so he can begin working. It seems there is not a lot of communication and not enough tree guys out there.

  13. rex says:

    You know why?? Bpt aint got Ffld money, Ffld ain’t got Wesport money, Westport aint got Norwalk money and Norwalk ain’t got Stamford and Greenwich money…..LOLOLOL

  14. NorthBridgeport says:

    They’ve restored a lot more in Fairfield than in Bridgeport. At least in the surrounding towns the numbers are moving the right way. Bridgeport still has 40k without power, the largest number of outages out of all the towns/cities serviced by UI.

  15. Justin White says:

    I’m sorry the residents of Bridgeport are still in the dark. I live in Fairfield near the Bridgeport border and only lost power from 6 pm to 11:30 pm on Monday. We haven’t ventured on the roads as the First Selectman said to stay home, but we have heat, a generator, plenty of food and size D batteris so we’ll be fine.

  16. Fredo says:

    UI has 110% of the homes in Redding out, which doesn’t seem mathematically likely.

  17. emikle says:

    I wish I could type. You get the idea.

  18. emikle says:

    Actually, FFLD WAS at about 98% out and now it’s only 48 hours after the largest most distructive storm to ever hit our state and it’s fown to around 77% out. Let’s crunch the numbers…

  19. Emily says:

    So do the residents of Fairfield!! UI has not restored power to anyone in Fairfield in like the past 24 hours…this is ridiculous. And did anyone notice that they claimed they’d restored power to over 70,000 so far. How is that possible? I thought UI only had 187,000 without power, not 207,000!