No school in Stamford Thursday? Not likely

School superintendents around lower Fairfield County have been in constant communication with one another about the winter storm rolling through the region Wednesday afternoon and the effect it could have on local school districts that have already lost several class days due to Superstorm Sandy.

“A lot of the superintendents have been emailing, and the school districts that have all the trees and lines down, and with roads that aren’t cleared yet are thinking, ‘Oh my God, if the winds and the rain come, with the trees already down, we better call a delay,” Stamford Superintendent Winifred Hamilton said during a phone interview shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Not her.

“We have a regular group here (at Government Center) that does lots of current updates … about the national forecast, and so far what we have in this area is that it will turn to all rain without any accumulation and it won’t be as windy as they thought,” she said. “So if that’s that case, we’re going to be on-time tomorrow.”

Hamilton said that of course the final decision will rely heavily on how the storm unfolds overnight, joking that sometimes evening calls can result in snow days for students caused by “six to eight inches of nothing,” which Stamford simply cannot afford after using up six inclement weather days already this year.

“Simply, the best information I have right now is that this will not in a sense warrant a delayed opening or something more serious like a cancellation, but we’ll take it right to the morning and see if anything changes,  because you can’t always predict what is going to happen,” she said.

Maggie Gordon