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The British are coming to Fairfield!

Fairfield is rolling out a red, white and blue carpet on July 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. that promises to be fun for the whole family. The day begins on the historic town green to celebrate the final

Two healthy treats for cats & Summer Fun @ Beardsley Zoo is a large internet petfood company that offers five hundred plus brands, many at discounted prices that offers a range of great choices with the click of the send button.  Another big bonus

Save the date for the Westport Art Festival

The Westport Art Festival is held in lovely, historic downtown Westport, along the lovely Saugatuck River and has become a highlight on the calendars of thousands of art lovers and art collectors.

Calling all Land Rovers to Lime Rock Park

Attention all Land Rover owners and enthusiasts…Lime Rock park is the site of the Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge that is taking place at the park on July 28 – 31.  This challenge has been described copy

Maritime Aquarium plans fireworks cruises

The fourth of July is around the corner and the folks at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is offering a unique water view of municipal holiday displays – times two, thanks to reflections on the

Paris Illuminates the Bruce Museum!

Paris had been known as the City of Light long before the widespread use of gaslight and electricity. The name arose during the Enlightenment, when philosophers made Paris a center of ideas and of

Solos @ Westport Art Center

Now in its tenth year, SOLOS is a celebration of the artistic talent and diversity of the Arts Center’s artist members. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of works, including paintings,
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What are Five things to love about Whole Earth Farms Cat Food and South Farms in Morris

It is not easy to choose the right wet cat food for your four legged furry cat friends. There are so many dietary considerations to think about and so many choices.  I look for five basic things when