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Election 2010 – Where They Stand: Tom Foley


In the second of a series of posts, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley discusses his stance on issues relevant to young professionals. Foley is a Greenwich businessman and won his party’s endorsement in the Republican Convention earlier this year. He will face four other contenders in the Aug. 10 primary.

What do you think are the three issues young professionals in Connecticut are most concerned about?

 Foley: Jobs, the economy, and making Connecticut an affordable place to live.

How would you retain young professional talent in Connecticut?

Foley: I have a Plan Forward for Connecticut that emphasizes bringing back jobs and the economy to Connecticut by making our state a more attractive place for business to locate and hire people. I will work to develop and market the ‘Knowledge Corridor’ from Enfield to New Haven as a unique national asset combining our well-educated and highly skilled workforce with some of the best academic institutions and infrastructure in the nation.

What kinds of initiatives would you enact to create more affordable housing for young professionals?

Foley: In order to create affordable housing we need to improve the housing market in our state, and the first step in improving the market is bringing back jobs and the economy. If we can develop a strong economy with good paying jobs housing will be more affordable.

 What would you do to improve public transportation?

Foley: First of all we need a transportation policy that makes sense and is well funded. Right now we don’t have one. Improving transportation should be an integral part of any jobs program.  Getting people to and from work in a safe and cost effective manner will improve job opportunities for everyone in Connecticut.

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Vinti Singh

2 Responses

  1. annyct says:

    It’s about the economy and jobs…and who better to lead our state than a successful businessman. Let’s face it…we’re all pretty sick of politicians. Vote for Foley… he has the expertise and just maybe if we had more people with practical experience in the economy, we’d be able to crawl out of this mess that politicians created.

  2. WTF says:

    That told me NOTHING at all. This guy is a joke!