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Good morning!

9:10 – Good sunny but chilly morning. The sun is shining on the green.
Vinny DiMeglio, 21, of Beacon Falls, one of the outreach coordinators, said a drunk guy came screaming through the tent camp at 2 a.m. and fell on someone’s tent.
He said he’ll be here every weekend (he can’t be here during the week because he goes to school and works the whole time.)
Someone has donated coffee this morning and Vinny said New Haven police officers have offered to donate coats.
Today, there will be a general assembly at 1 p.m. to discuss ideas and make decisions. Eventually, someone will propose a mission statement for the Occupy at one of the general assemblies, Vinny said. But it will have to pass through a 9/10ths majority.
Vinny with Ashley Jade, 26, of Bridgeport:


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