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Why doesn’t anyone want to hang out in Bridgeport?

Why don’t more young professionals hang out in Bridgeport? Apparently it has a stigma! That’s according to these 20-somethings in a band I chatted with last night, anyway, at Murphy’s Law. They were in town because they played a show at Two Boots, and intended to high-tail it out of there as soon as it was over to go out in Trumbull. They pretty much never hang out in Bridgeport, they said.
Of course, I had to pull out my iPhone and interview them as to why not. Click on the link to listen to the interview on SoundCloud:
Bridgeport’s stigma by Vinti Singh

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Vinti Singh

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  1. GoGiants says:

    There just isn’t much to do in the Port for most people so why bother.As far as the drugs and violence goes,it’s all condensed into certain areas(like other cities),and is easily avoided by not going into those places.I must say that the BMX/skate scene is awesome,with tons of street spots(especially downtown),Rampage,the skatepark at Seaside,and I’ve even heard rumors of a possible second park being erected in Beardsley.I ride my bike all over my hometown of Bridgeport(that I’m proud to be born and raised in)and no one messes with me,because they know I’ll stand my ground if need be.

  2. mary k says:

    Listen as white kids from Trumbull try to explain why they don’t come to BPT without coming off as racist/ classist. Such hard-hitting journalism coming out of Murphy’s Law on Saturday nights!

  3. Ivanna Humpalot says:

    Just open the police column and read the daily reports you fools !

  4. Dave K. says:

    I’ve been expecting Bridgeport to make a comeback for 30 years and it still hasn’t happened. Why not? It has it all…seaport, airport, highway, train, wealthy suburbs…it doesn’t make sense. My gut tells me the corruption is too deep rooted. Not necessarily elected officials, they can be unelected, but the rest of the bureaucracy that is so deeply entrenched that it is impossible to root out. It is such a shame. I’ve ofter heard from my 93 yr. old mother-in-law about what a wonderful place Bridgeport was in the 30’s and 40’s. It was the place to be….Not anymore…it’s the place not to be.

  5. rayriv says:

    bridgeport needs to get rid of corrupt gov and start a new campaign to represent it fairly and honestly, as long as we have crooked politics, and overtaxed residents and comerce, we will not attract any entertainment, businesses, companies, anything worth comming to Bpt for other than paying your property taxes. also take note :If you go to downtown , make sure you have a pocket full of quaters cause you’ll get a healthy $35.00 ticket if you don’t feed the meters, how do they expect one to shop downtown if what ever you buy is gonna cost you an extra $35.00. people are moving out of the whole state,overtaxed under-represented

  6. Marisol H says:

    People are so ignorant city of Bridgeport is not the only city where they have crimes. No matter where you live now a days you are not safe!!!!!!!! I’m sick and tired of always listening to these comments. Lately it is happening everywhere Greenwich, Westport, Milford etc.

  7. Frank says:

    Maybe because it is the armpit of CT

  8. r0bm2000 says:

    it so much of a sh1th0le that WWE comes to town brings in ALOT OF people from all over…..we got the arena and all sorts of stuff that brings money in….who cares about not hanging out at a bar….you can DIE ANY WHERE go follow global news and you shall understand….the ? should be WHY DON’T people wanna live in HIGH PAYING TAX CT ANY MORE…..bridgeport is the biggest city of CT so i’m guessing that’s why it has the most bad talk……but yet new haven has the most murders of the year and crime right now…..good job bridgeport for not being on that list no more…..its starting to look good :)

  9. Vulture says:

    My guess is that they DON’T want to DIE

  10. wmk says:

    Because Bridgeport is a sh*thole.

  11. Mark says:

    Would be interesting to see the opening of the Brewery if that draws more people downtown.