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Bridgeport’s own rapper on the rise

That Sunday in January it snowed in Connecticut, Latasha Williams, 24, was holed up on the second floor studio, ready to rap all night. I stopped by early that afternoon to chat about the mix tapes she plans to release soon. I got to hear some of the tracks, and I got excited when I heard a line about “driving down I-95.”

Her performer name is T-Huny, and she hails from Bridgeport. You can hear some of her old tracks here.

She moved to the city when she was three and has lived all over: P.T. Barnum Housing, the North End, the greens.

How she got into rapping is almost a fluke, considering her mother, Jennifer Carter, didn’t allow her to listen to hip hop as a kid. Latasha, her sister and her best friend formed a girl band one day were walking down the street singing and rapping. A man driving by approached them and told them he was in the music industry and liked their sound. They took his phone number and Carter called him to make sure he was legit. It turned out he was.

“We still laugh about that time,” Latasha said. “We say, remember that creeper?”

Latasha was initially offered a contract with an independent label, but she turned it down because she couldn’t negotiate a good contract. Now she works with Smoke Boogie (you have the earn the right to know his real name), a producer in Bridgeport who has worked with Mary J. Blige and Mario.

“T is very dedicated and very talented,” Smoke said. “She’s much more than a rap artist. What I love about her, musically you can give her any platform to stand on, shake it, and she’s still standing.”

Latasha will soon be releasing a four volume mix tape of about 50 songs before she drops her first album, titled “Definition of a Woman.”

Those aren’t her only projects. She also runs an online radio station, Star Music Radio. She has scored interviews with Rick Ross and a former member of B2k. She also hosts rap battles in the New Haven area. She’s also shopping a reality show about her rise to fame to cable channels.

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Vinti Singh

2 Responses

  1. Vulture says:

    Rap is not music.

  2. GoGiants says:

    It’s nice to see a young woman from Bridgeport making a name for herself by doing what she loves.I hope she becomes successful in the music business and becomes a positive role model for the younger kids to look up to.