The bloody-hand race episode

OK, finally two months after the Run Like A Mother race in Ridgefield in which I very ungracefully tripped and fell — splatt! — I can show the bloody hand photo. This is by popular request (for you, sister Audrey). Ick.

bloody hand race injury

Not long after this, the Ridgefield medics arrived and bandaged up my right hand and left knee and gave advice about a tetanus shot.

Despite feeling like a total klutz, I was glad to persevere and actually finish the 5K. Not my best time, but finished.

With part of a palm scrapped off, it took a while for my hand to heal. At last this week I was able to do a yoga Sun Salutation and put some weight on it.

So – on to the next race! But when?

Ridgefield medic to the rescue

Jacqueline Smith