Getting motivated for a 5K

Morning came too quickly today, and the temptation was strong to just drift off for another 10 minutes. But no!

The Run Like A Mother 5K is Sunday and there’s no slacking off.

Finally, it stopped raining and this morning could not have been prettier — new spring-green leaves (such a color!) happily contrasting the blue-blue sky. Birds vying with their trademark songs as though it were “Avian American Idol.”
These are some of the benefits when you haul yourself outside for a run.
For me, it’s still run/walk, though finally the runs outnumber the walk parts…

Though I’m not ready, I’m looking forward to the Run Like A Mother 5K this Sunday in Ridgefield. Running with my daughters and other women is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Will you be there?

Jacqueline Smith