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: May, 2009

Gym Etiquette Part II – The Locker Room

The locker room and showers at the gym are fraught with etiquette issues. The people who come in dripping wet and slop water all over the place ― water which will then get your socks wet when you’re getting dressed. The women who set up a bunch of paper towels on a bench to sit on (naked), and then leave them there. The random tissues and papers lying around (Pick it up? Or run away?).
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Mixed Metaphors and Malaprops — Doofus Test!

This is my collection of mixed metaphors and malaprops. See if you can work one of these gems into your conversation or perhaps a memo today. Does it go by unnoticed? This is a doofus test.

Gym Etiquette Part I

The day after I posted my last bit about cell phones in the supermarket, a woman complained to me about someone who blabbed on her cell phone while stretching in the gym.

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Cell Phones: Should They Be Banned in Supermarkets?

At which point a tall, burly, dandruffy, overfed man walked straight into me. I felt like I had been assaulted. He didn’t blink, turn, apologize, or acknowledge it in any way. His eyes were hostile slits, his face impassive.

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