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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

: June, 2009

Dumb Ideas

1. black highlighter
2. glow in the dark lightbulb
3. fruit-flavored orange juice
4. air-conditioned sauna
5. razorblade confetti
6. “Go” Sign (instead of Stop Sign)
7. Pollution Day

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Lawnmowers and Blowers, Oh My God!

Not a morning or afternoon goes by without a deafening cacophony of mowing and blowing in my neighborhood. And, while the mowers are irritating, the blowers are brain-searing.

Cell Phones and TVs and Bears, Oh My!

I spent a torturous hour in a car dealership waiting room while my car was being repaired today. The poor magazine I brought had to compete with an elevated widescreen TV that was set at an elevated volume. It blasted the News at us — a 24-hour variety which consisted of chirpy reporters waxing enthusiastic about the most mundane events, interrupted frequently by even more distracting commercials.
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