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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

: October, 2009

In Which I Wipe Out in Front of My Kids

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but the other day I wiped out — a$$ over teakettle, in front of both my kids. And I wasn’t even skiing.
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A Financial Setback – Fuel Oil from Petro

I’ve written before on my blog about having no money and about how I fear an incident that might push us over the edge. I’ve also written about my new career of paperwork filling-out. Well, one such incident happened today.
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Cell Phone Humor on Spiteful Critic

How to Collect the 100 Free Cell Phone Minutes You Receive in the Mail

I Examine the Michael Moore Phenomenon

Yes, I read your comments! And some of you got me thinking about Michael Moore — why is he so controversial?

School Bus Drivers Run Amuck!

School bus drivers are running amuck — a “fake news” on

Eight Sure-Fire Ways to Relieve Stress

Eight Sure-Fire Ways to Relieve Stress — a Satire on
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Bake Sales

Here is some incredibly important information about bake sales. Before they get banned entirely, here’s how to sell a lot at yours.
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Honking Fire Department Horns — WHY?

I puzzle over why our town’s fire department  uses super loud foghorn-style horns to summon volunteers in the age of telephones, cell phones, pagers, and beepers. I have to admit, I laughed a lot

Small Claims Court Hell

Have you ever filed a Small Claim?  Let me tell you now: it’s Hell! Click on this link to see my article: a “How-To” plus “Why-Bother?” on Darien Patch. If you have read my blog in the past you will

Weird Sightings in New York City

As a former New Yorker (I lived there from 1986 – 1996), I grew to hate a lot of things about the City and love a few. What I hated: the cockroaches, the obnoxious drivers, the smell (what is that smell everywhere?), the garbage, some of the people. What I loved: a lot of the people, people watching on the subway, the restaurants, watching the rats.