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Kids Can’t Use Bathroom at Middle School

I thought you might enjoy this article, somewhat silly and somewhat serious, that I wrote about my daughter not being able to use the bathroom at school. This is published on the Darien Patch Web site; here’s a link:
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The Experts on Domestic Abuse — Part 1

As promised, here’s some more information about domestic abuse. I did a bit of research on it last year and I was pretty shocked to learn how bad women have had it for so long.

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School Begins with a Blizzard of Gratuitous Paperwork

School began again this year with a boatload of paperwork — emergency forms, extracurricular activity forms, health forms, computer safety forms, bullying forms, and forms that admonish me to use the parking lot correctly. All of them must be signed by me and many by my daughter as well. Some, such as the emergency and health forms, are traditional and, I suppose, legally warranted, but some appear to be the school’s effort to cover its ass in case it ever has a problem with my kid. If such a problem should occur, they can refer me to the print I signed and then we’ll have to cope with the consequences.

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Humor on

Just to share with you all that I am still writing my funny stuff. Here are two that were published today on — a funny Web site with humor for grownups who happen to be parents. Fake
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Worst First Internet Dates: Explosive Boat Excursion

What happened: they were out on the ocean, the boat engine kept making a funny noise, so my friend’s date cut the engine. Then, instead of letting the gassy vapors dissipate, he immediately started up the boat again, causing an explosion right at the back of the boat where my friend was sitting.
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Local Ripoffs: Ebay Sales Companies

I had a terrible experience with a local company that sells people’s things on ebay for them.
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Dumb Ideas

1. black highlighter
2. glow in the dark lightbulb
3. fruit-flavored orange juice
4. air-conditioned sauna
5. razorblade confetti
6. “Go” Sign (instead of Stop Sign)
7. Pollution Day

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Lawnmowers and Blowers, Oh My God!

Not a morning or afternoon goes by without a deafening cacophony of mowing and blowing in my neighborhood. And, while the mowers are irritating, the blowers are brain-searing.

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