Where the snow will fall

The snowfall accumulation forecasts are all over the map; 6-8 inches in Vermont, 10-15 inches in southwestern Connecticut, 12-16 around Boston and southern New Hampshire.

And for ski areas, if the forecast holds, the big winners should be Wachusett (outside Worchester, Mass.), southeastern New Hampshire areas like Ragged and most areas in Maine.

Southern Vermont areas like Mount Snow, Stratton and Okemo could pick up 8 inches.

And northern Vermont? Sorry, not this time.

Just in time for the busy Martin Luther King weekend.

A word of advice: if you have any plans to go skiing or snowboarding, make sure you check and see if a ski area is OPEN. Some areas, especially smaller areas, often close because of poor driving conditions that will keep most people home.

Also expect very windy conditions not only tomorrow, but Thursday as well as the monster storm heads up into the Maritime Provinces.

Jim Shay