Want to buy a used chairlift?

The South Ridge chair at Killington is history. After 34 years of knocking around skiers and snowboarders with a quick jerk turn at mid-station, Killington is retiring the triple chair.

At this point Killington has no plans to replace the chair, but South Ridge trails will remain open, accessed by the K2 summit gondola.

In recent years the chair was rarely used; running on busy weekends and holiday weeks.

Not one of Killington’s better ideas, the chair became infamous with its sudden 90-degree turn. It was always fun to stop near the lift and hear the inevitable screams of people being jerked around.

Now that it’s been removed a unique part of Killington’s history is  gone, as is the summit lodge that was demolished last summer.

But unlike the lodge’s debris that was hauled away, you can know own a piece of history … for $300.

Here’s Killington’s pitch:  “A true piece of Killington history! The South Ridge Triple was built in 1977 at Killington Resort and featured a 90 degree turn in the lift line. This past summer, the lift was retired after 34 snowy winters of service. The chair has 3 seats and is an asset for any true skier/rider or Killington enthusiast! Does not come with seat cushion or safety bar. Chair Dimensions: ~6′ Wide X ~9′ tall (height includes hanger bar). Chairs are sold AS IS, Limited availability, purchase while supplies last. Trailer recommended for pickup.”

I’ll pass on the offer.

I’ll wait when they retire the K2 gondola in a few decades.

If you want to buy one, click  here.

By the way, the offer on Killington’s heavily discounted $57 lift tickers ends Thursday.

Jim Shay