Discounted Killington tickets on sale

Here’s a deal I’ve been waiting for all summer: discounted lift tickets for Killington in Vermont next winter.

The K58 tickets allow skiers/snowboarders to save up to $30 off the price of lift tickets if they are purchased by Oct. 11, or if they sell out.

Based on that offer, it looks like a Saturday lift ticket at Killington will be nearing $90! A midweek ticket should be in the low $80s.

The K58 tickets cost $58 for adults, 19 and up. There is also a K48 tickets for kids 7-18 for 48 bucks.

These are one-day tickets that can be used with the exception of 17 peak days (December 24-31, 2012; January 19-20, 2013; February 16 -22, 2013).

Killington has been offering these discounted tickets for a few years. This year’s price is $1 more than last year.

This is an excellent deal and gives you the flexibility of going to The Beast on non-holiday times … including weekends.

For details or to purchase tickets click here.

Jim Shay