‘Bombogenesis’ to pound ski areas with snow

Skiers, snowboarders and lovers of a true New England winter are keeping their fingers crossed.

They’re hoping, almost praying, that the media hype of the impending “Storm of the Century IV” finally delivers us lots of snow. Almost two feet of snow almost makes us giddy as the Weather Channel named storm Nemo swirls toward the Northeast.

What a great way to turn around a mediocre winter!

It looks like all ski areas in New England and most of New York State will have some fresh pow-pow on their trails by Saturday morning.

The big winners will be in New Hampshire and Maine where two feet or more could fall.

Mike Carmon of the Mount Washington Observatory on the rooftop of New Hampshaa, gives this report:

“Canadian high pressure today will quickly give way to a developing Nor’easter, which could produce significant snowfall across the region commencing tomorrow. In the meantime, two low pressure systems–one over the Ohio Valley, and the other over the southeastern U.S.–will gradually intensify as they bear down on New England. This will translate to increasing clouds later today and tonight, and light snow developing as the Ohio Valley low approaches first. However, the coastal low will intensify much more rapidly tomorrow as it reaches the Jersey shore, absorbing the energy of the other system. A significant Nor’easter will be the ultimate result, prompting snow to fall steadily through the day tomorrow, intensifying later on as the coastal low continues to rapidly deepen offshore. In addition, winds will pick up from the northeast, blowing about the newly-fallen snow.”

Vermont looks like it’s in the game to pick up at least a foot or more.

I love the blog post on Josh Fox’s Single Chair Blog at Mad River Glen in Vermont. Smart guy with a realistic and hype-free forecast of what could happen in Vermont.

“Across New England both north and south, the storm has now been engrained into our subconsious either via every media outlet imaginable or simply through general conversation even with the non-powder hounds. If you haven’t heard about the storm by now, your life is probably like Tom Hanks in Castaway spending most of your days talking to a volleyball. Yes sir, the hype machine is running full blast, especially in the Boston media market where folks take pride in big snows and often try and compete with my memory regarding historic snows from years gone by. Certainly southern New England has a lot to talk about with this upcoming classic coastal New England “Bombogenesis” and feeding the frenzy has been some short term the high resolution models spitting out over exaggerated snow totals of historic proportions.”

Visit John’s blog for his snowfall estimates.

Massachusetts areas like Butternut, Catamount and Jiminy stand to get at least a foot, while Wah Wah Wachusetts in eastern Massachusetts is in lined to get slammed with a nice two-footer. Sweet!

And let’s not forget our Banana Belt ski areas in Connecticut. Tortured by rain, warm temperatures and forced to make their own snow, these Nutmeg State areas finally have their turn at the Thanksgiving table.  And the big snow comes a week before the February school break, a make or break time for their bottom line.

Right snow skiers and snowboarders who want to head north this weekend  are making escape plans. Before the snow hits, they either need to head up today or, at the latest, be on the road by mid-morning Friday.

As with all major nor’easters, expect strong winds during and after the storm. And it will be plenty cold as well.

A small price to pay for the long awaited Big Snow.

Jim Shay