Checking obituaries

In previous posts, readers have wanted some clarity on when Republican mayoral candidate Michael Pavia’s business partner died. In a September article, his campaign manager Michael Larobina told the Advocate that Pavia left the Board of Representatives because he business partner, Joseph Romano, was sick and died. Democratic candidate David Martin has used a 2006 article in which Pavia told the Advocate he was too busy with his businesses to give the Board the attention it deserved and that he wanted to spend more time at his South Carolina vacation home.

A check of the obituaries shows that Joseph Romano died Aug. 29, 2004 at the age of 65. Pavia ran for reelection in 2005. Pavia told the Advocate’s Magdalene Perez in August that Romano’s death was a reason he did not seek the mayor’s office in 2005.

Four years ago, members of the city’s Republican Party held their breath hoping Pavia would run against Mayor Dannel Malloy. Pavia decided against it. His partner, Joseph Romero, had recently died, leaving Pavia to scramble to manage the ice rink and various other properties. And he was still taking care of loose ends: development projects and mortgages he preferred to put to rest before committing full time to becoming mayor.

A year later, Pavia resigned from the Board of Representatives, where he represented the 18th District since 2003. Again, he cited business commitments.

Monica Potts