Martin, Pavia face off in round two

This afternoon the mayoral candidates went head-to-head in the second major debate of the campaign season. The event was hosted at the Stamford Plaza Hotel by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce.

The luncheon was a genteel affair, at least until things got personal between the two candidates. Pavia used the event as an opportunity to defend himself against campaign mailers Martin has circulated saying Pavia “quit on Stamford” when he resigned from the Board of Representatives in 2006.

Pavia went so far as to hold up one of the Martin campaign fliers, showing a man crossing his fingers behind his back, which reads, “Mike Pavia says one thing, but does another.”

Pavia said he wanted to clarify why he left the board, and listed two reasons. Pavia said he felt he could not give the board enough time “at the level I thought it needed.” Secondly, he said he left because of commitments resulting from the death of his business partner.

“These are negative, personal campaign ads designed to demean the accomplishments I’ve made in my life,” Pavia said. “Mike Pavia is not a quitter.”

The Advocate has fact checked this topic on the 411. Pavia’s business partner, Joe Romano passed away in August 2004. Pavia ran for re-election to the board in November 2005, and stepped down in February 2006.

Martin, during his closing remarks, responded by saying he has navigated similar life struggles without leaving the board.

“I’ve had challenges in my business and I have had family members pass away, and I did not resign,” Martin said.

Magdalene Perez