Pizza war lands Pavia on chain gang

Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia made a cameo in the Friday night performance of “Les Misérables,” a Summer Youth Theater performance at Curtain Call.

As per the tradition, Curtain Call impresario Lou Ursone scripted some special lines for the mayor. This  year, Pavia’s lines satirized the city scrap metal scandal, his own political future, his predecessor (on stage as well as in the political theater) Dannel Malloy’s move to Hartford, and perhaps the top city issue for many city residents: the pizza war between Colony and Rico’s.

Staff photographer Lindsay Niegelberg recorded the following dialogue between chain gang members while shooting the  image at right:

• I don’t know, he looks pretty tough though.

• I think I’ve seen him somewhere before. I’m afraid he was but part of the ruling class.

• I’d be careful. If he were a politician he may be here to spy on us.

• Hey, what are you doing here?

Pavia: Are you talking to me? Are you talking to ME? Are you talking to me?

• Now you’ve done it.

• I’m sorry friend. He doesn’t mind his manners, Though that’s not his worst offense.

• I’m not afraid! So how did you get yourself in this chain gang?

Pavia: Not my fault. Times are tough. Unemployment’s high. . . . Taxes aren’t coming in and I had to do something to feed my family, so I did something very bad. I sold the Colony pizza recipe to Rico’s.

• I too had to steal to feed my family. I took some measures that I never thought I would take.

Pavia: I’m sorry, friend. But tell me — what’s this troublemaker doing here?

• I’ll tell you Mr. Big-shot. I was once a slicker myself, and I stole some metal.

Pavia: Ouch.

• Tell me friend, what do you plan to do when you get out of here?

Pavia: I don’t know but I’ll tell you this: I’m certainly not going to look for a job in Hartford.

• You know, I don’t think what you did was that bad. Why don’t you try to make a break for it? We’ll watch your back.

Pavia: Thank you, my friend. And good luck to all of you. I think I will make another run for it.

John Breunig