Conservative clash: WWE vs. Glenn Beck

Stamford-based WWE is taking umbrage to remarks from conservative talk show host Glenn Beck over the introduction of a new Tea Party character named Zeb Colter — perhaps a long-lost relative of New Canaan’s own Ann Coulter — who is anti-immigration and uses the terms “patriot” and “we the people” in a tirade about what’s wrong with America.

Beck said he didn’t expect a Tea Party member to be made into a WWE villain along the lines of Iron Sheik and asks if the company has been bought by liberal billionaire George Soros. He then goes on to challenge former WWE CEO and failed Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s conservative credentials saying she’s “just one of these progressive Republicans that we worry about.”

In a press release sent out Friday, the WWE invited Beck to appear on its Monday night “Raw” program to address their 14 million viewers. The company said that Colter’s character is “creating a rivalry centered on a topical subject that has varying points of view” and was developed to build up heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio’s appeal with the company’s growing Latino base which, according to the statement, represents 20 percent of their audience.

UPDATE: WWE sent out this video later in the day. It’s actually a very reasoned response — you just have to stick with it for the first minute and 40 seconds:

Jonathan Lucas