Board of Finance wrap-up

STAMFORD — Finance board members approved more than half-a-dozen items off its July agenda Thursday night.

  • 911 communication mapping upgrade: Director of Public Safety Ted Jankowski requested $140,000 to pay for upgrading the city’s 911 communication-system mapping software, which has not been modernized since 2008. The upgrade would allow dispatchers to pinpoint emergency vehicle locations more accurately and allow dispatch, police, fire and emergency medical services personnel to identify and map from their emergency vehicles potential hazards such as downed wires or flooded streets. The upgrade would also prevent the city’s computer-assisted dispatching system from crashing when the city’s 911 dispatch center experiences high call volume. Approved, 5-1-0, Independent Kathleen Murphy dissenting.
  • Pulaski Street: Corporation Counsel Joe Capalbo requested authorization for acquisition of 74/76 Pulaski Street by negotiation or eminent domain of right of way. Approved 4-0-1
  • Corporation counsels union contract: Assistant Human Resources Director Clemon Williams asked Finance Board members to approve a four-year agreement with the attorneys’ union, which has five members. The deal, which spans July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2014, would involve a one-year wage freeze, two years of 2 percent increases and a 2.5 percent wage increase in the final year. Employees’ health-plan costs would increase from 12 percent to 15 percent in the last year of the contract, while pension contributions would jump from 3 percent to 5 percent. Finance board Chairman Tim Abbazia said Thursday he would have liked to see more concessions from the union: “I’m a little hesitant,” he said. “It does seem the increases are high and we’re not making enough progress. That being said, I know you’re going back to the negotiating table in a couple of months.” Approved 5-1-0, Murphy voting against.
  •  Boys & Girls Club Lease: Finance Board members considered  adding 20,656 square feet of parking lot to the Boys & Girls Club’s lease with the city. The club would use the space to build two basketball courts, a tennis court and two sand volleyball courts. The club would also relocate a playground and build more parking there. Located at 347 Stillwater Ave., the organization is paying the city $10 for the entire term of its lease and would not be charged extra for the additional parking lot space. The lease extends until December 31, 2034. Approved 6-0-0.
  •  Glenbrook/Springdale transit-oriented development feasibility study: The $460,000 study will be paid for with state funding, Land Use Bureau Chief Norman Cole told the finance board. City officials selected Goody Clancy & Associates to perform the study. “The consultants we selected were very astute in knowing exactly what we needed and where we were with these communities,” Cole said. “We’re a good ways toward implementing a mixed use, more walk-able community in Glenbrook and Springdale.” Approved 5-0-0.
  • Stamford Center for the Arts HVAC system: A representatives from the SCA requested a $100,000 bid waiver to pay Encon Heating & Air Conditioning for replacement of a HVAC system at Rich Forum. Approved 5-1-0, Murphy voting against.
  • Scofield Magnet roof replacement: 

    The board considered a $510,000 request to replace the roof at Scofield Magnet Middle School on Scofieldtown Road. The project will be covered by general obligation bonds, but the city plans to pursue federal grants to help offset the construction costs.  Approved 5-1-0