Election 2013: The Board of Reps candidates

STAMFORD — The Republicans and Democrats nominated their candidates this week for November’s Board of Representatives election. The board’s 40 city representatives serve four-year terms. Here’s the full list of candidates, incumbents are indicated in bold:

Republicans                                 Democrats

District 1: Kieran Ryan, Mary Uva  vs. Patrick White, Patrick Mazan

District 2: Keith Birch, Fritz Blau  vs. Elaine Mitchell, Ben Velishka

District 3: Carol Ann McClean, Christopher Zapata vs. Elise Coleman, Terry Adams

District 4: Anthony Corelli, Danette Melchionne vs. Mary Savage, Willy Giraldo

District 5: Krystin Winsley, Shawn Brown vs. Lila Wallace, Gloria DePina

District 6: Cindy Garcia-Diego, James Fasoli vs. Denis Patterson, Annie Summerville

District 7: Anthony Imbrogno, Al Sgritta vs. Jay Fountain, Mark Nowotarski*

District 8: Phil Balestriere, Joseph Tarzia vs. Anabel Figueroa, Eileen Heaphy

District 9: Alison Touches, Francky Trofort vs. Valerie McNeil, Shella Merritt

District 10: Eva Maldonado, Carlos Rivera vs. Philip Giordano, Mavina Moore

District 11: James Rubino, Rosanne McManus vs. John Zelinsky, Cynthia Reeder

District 12: Carola Cammann, Heather Fusco vs. Marion McGarry, Brien Buckman

District 13: Harry Day, Ralph Loglisci vs. Keith Silver, Eric Morson

District 14: Gabe DeLuca, Carl Franzetti vs. Maddy Shapiro, Jon Gallup

District 15: Frank Cerasoli, Joseph Coppola (running unopposed)

District 16: Demetrios Frazis, Steven Kolenberg vs. Jonathan Hoffman, Matt Quinones

District 17: Mary Fedeli, Art Layton vs. Suzanne Doyle, Jonathan Rosenbaum*

District 18: James Caterbone, Joseph S. Tarzia vs. Jere Eaton,* Eileen Heckerling*

District 19: Gail Okun, Annie Selkovitz Taylor vs. Cindy Grafstein,* Randy Skigen

District 20: Mike Lombardo, Dennis Mahoney vs. Susan Nabel, Mark Diamond

*Indicates placeholders nominated in order to meet the state’s endorsement deadline. Genuine candidates may enter the race at a later date.

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  1. dr james Harley says:

    We all hope PATRICK MAZAN is elected