Moira Lyons endorses Tong in mayoral race


TongLyonsABOVE: William Tong and Moira Lyons (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)

STAMFORD — Former state House of Representatives Speaker Moira Lyons has become the first high-profile Democrat to weigh in on the mayoral race, announcing earlier this month her support for District 147 state Rep. William Tong.

Lyons, who represented District 146 in the General Assembly for 24 years, also served as the House’s Majority Leader and Transportation chair. In a statement released by the Tong campaign, Lyons said she is supporting him because he shares her dedication to Stamford.

“William Tong’s vision for the city is the right direction for Stamford,” Lyons said. ” I share his goal to create an environment in Stamford that attracts and keeps our families, and underscores the value of our many neighborhoods; a goal that is focused on investing in education, reducing crime, and promoting the growth of small and medium sized businesses.  Stamford deserves a mayor that knows how to get the job done and will reach out to our community and listen to the ideas and concerns of residents.”

A slew of Republican heavyweights have endorsed GOP mayoral candidate Michael Fedele in the November race, but Lyons is the first high-profile politician to get behind a candidate on the Democrats’ side. All eyes are on Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, Stamford’s former longtime mayor who helped launch Tong’s political career but has yet to announce his endorsement.

Tong, who entered the race in early February, is collecting signatures to force a Sept. 10 primary election for a spot on the November ballot after losing the Democratic City  Committee’s nomination to Board of Finance member David Martin last week.

2 Responses

  1. zach says:

    All Billy Tong is, is a rubber stamp for Malloy. Malloy launched his career, if you think he is anything other than a rubber stamp then you are mistaken, he will lead stamford down the same path as the rest of the state. If there is one politician this state could do without its Billy Tong.

  2. Ralph says:

    Who cares who the rag tag endorses. She is still being paid by taxpayers. Maybe she should get a real job.