North Stamford propane fire extinguished


After more than 30 hours, the remaining fuel left in a propane tank suspected of causing Tuesday afternoon’s massive explosion, has burned off and the flames have been extinguished, according to a statement released Thursday morning by the city’s director of public safety.

Firefighters have remained on scene at 305 Webbs Hill Road in North Stamford performing a controlled burn to allow the remaining propane in the 500-gallon tank to burn off. The blast destroyed the six-bedroom house on the property and sent shockwaves throughout a two-mile radius.

Ted Jankowski, the city’s director of public safety, health and welfare, said the investigation into the cause of the explosion is continuing and the property around the blast will remain closed until the investigation is complete.

According to officials with knowledge of the investigation, the homeowner, Guiseppe “Joe” Cardillo, 54, told police that just before the explosion he had mowed the lawn and sat down to have a sandwich.

He then went out into the backyard and lit a cigarette. Cardillo told investigators that as soon as he lit the cigarette, the house exploded, officials said
Wednesday. Cardillo, who at first did not want medical attention, was taken to Stamford Hospital and he was treated and released.

One official said Cardillo heated his house with oil, and that the propane was being used to heat a pool in the backyard and operate a backyard gas grill. Jankowski said about 280 gallons of propane had been put into the tank between one and two months ago.

Police and fire officials believe the explosion may have been caused by a buildup of propane fumes in the home’s basement that could have been set off by a spark from anything.

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Jonathan Lucas

2 Responses

  1. jrpr says:

    who’s responsible then? I hope the homeowners insurance company covers them. Do these propane tanks gets serviced and checked?

  2. Joseph says:

    I have been thinking about the Story as presented in the Stamford Advocate , the home owner did not report the smell of propane in the house which would most certainly have been there for the house to be blown to pieces like that , That got me to thinking the earth is changing continuously , methane which comes from the decomposition of animal and plant life which there is an abundance of in the area , Well try this on for size , a methane pocket opened filled the house with methane which is odorless he went outside struck a match the house blew up and Static friction from the blast set off the propane from within the tank