Poll: Who do you support for mayor?

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With Election Day about three weeks away, we want to know where the voters stand on the candidates for mayor. Cast your vote and let us know.

If the election were held today, which mayoral candidate would you vote for?

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Jonathan Lucas

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried to come to this website to vote and it automatically processed my vote without asking me who. I believe that this poll is inaccurate due to technical issues, assuming I am not the only person that experienced this error.

  2. Briana says:

    I agree with Mr. Mezza. Anyone who is actually looking at the issues facing city residents, or has heard Mike Fedele speak would also agree! Fedele has shown his leadership skills and proven that he does what is right for his constituency, not what is popular with voters.

  3. David Cooper says:

    I guess people voting online for this Poll like Bad Sequels? Mike Fedele will just be Pavia II! Mike Fedele’s term will just be a Bad as the last four years under Mayor Mike”The Mistake”Pavia!!

  4. Martin Mezza says:

    Michael is the most qualified candidate by far.

  5. Duffy Sasser II says:

    I think Mayor Pavia wasn’t hard enough on the city government to fix our city’s numerous problems and inefficiencies. At least it didn’t get worse. We need a hard nosed conservative to get this town straight. Martin is not an option. He is pre-disposed to follow in the footsteps of Malloy, and we will only get more of the same that Malloy did to mess up our city. By the way, why can’t we develop our waterfront to have a nice village by the sea, like so many of Ct’s waterside towns such as Mystic, or San Diego CA? Would be much better than big ugly office buildings.

  6. Pearline Moore says:

    David Martin