Stamford’s Colony Pizza named one of nation’s best

Stamford's venerable Colony Grill. File Photo

Stamford’s venerable Colony Grill. File Photo

Stamford’s famous Colony Pizza has been named one of the top pies in the nation, according to a new ranking put together by The Daily Meal.

In a lit of the top 101 pizzas from sea to shining sea, Stamford-based Colony came in at No. 27, a place it earned for its sausage pie. Here’s what the reviewers had to say about the Pizza That Works:

This thin crust bar pie institution in Stamford, Conn., has long been notorious for its no-frills demeanor, no-special-options policy, and for not making exceptions.

While Colony was the only Fairfield County pizza to make the list, there were four other Connecticut pizzerias on the round up, including Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, which took home the title of best American pizza for its white clam pie. New Haven’s Sally’s Apizza claimed No. 7 for their tomato pie; New Haven’s Modern Apizza claimed No. 11 for the Italian Bomb; and Old Saybrook’s Alforno claimed No. 68 for the Margherita pizza.

Want to see the whole list? You can find it here.

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Maggie Gordon

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  1. TheAntiFox says:

    There’s another pie I have no problem with – Belltown – and all the other places I mentioned, have farrrr more in common with each other with my own expectations when I bite into a pizza than does Colony.

  2. TheAntiFox says:

    WOW! Skifan, Katie, glad to know I am not either alone or off my nut for simply not preferring Colony’s pizza.

    Nor do I follow the Red Sox just because I live in a New England state. They are a good team, to be sure, but I consider NY sports to be my home team, being that I’m only 35 miles away. :)