Final vote tally shows razor-thin margin in mayor’s race

vote tallyABOVE: Jon Carlo Gallup keeps track of votes at Democratic election headquarters Wednesday. (Jason Rearick/THE ADVOCATE)

STAMFORD — Final vote tallies released by the Registrar of Voters’ Office Wednesday show Democrat David Martin captured the mayor’s office by the slimmest of margins, beating out Republican opponent Michael Fedele by only 569 votes.

The final numbers show 21,226 of the city’s 60,543 eligible voters voted in the mayor’s race; either at the polls or through absentee or same-day voter registration ballots. Martin received 10,257 votes (48.3 percent) while Fedele collected 9,688 (45.6 percent).

Unaffiliated petitioning candidate Kathleen Murphy, an Independent who did not run for reelection after one term on the Board of Finance, received 842 votes, or about 4 percent. Political newcomer John Zito collected 438 votes, which translated to about 2 percent of all ballots cast.

We reached Fedele by phone earlier this morning; he said Murphy and Zito undoubtedly influenced the election’s final results.

“The difference between this race and four years ago was there were four candidates,” he said. “It could have been a lot of different if it was just head-to-head. But the citizens of this city decided who they want to lead this city over the next four years.”

We’ll have a full postmortem on the 2013 mayoral race in Thursday’s Stamford Advocate.