Norwalk woman charged with Stamford fire

A Norwalk woman was arrested Tuesday for setting a fire in Stamford in early August 2012.
Felicia Langley, 34, of 53 Glasser St., Norwalk, was charged with first-degree arson and first-degree criminal mischief.
The fire Langley is alleged to have set in Stamford was reported on Aug. 3, 2012, police records show.
Langley is related by marriage to Mary Ann Langley of Norwalk, who was convicted of throwing gasoline on her husband James Langley, 55, and setting him on fire in December 2006.
Langley, 64, is currently serving a 20 year sentence for manslaughter because her husband died of injuries related to the fire.
Coincidentally, Felicia Langley was arrested later in August 2012 for allegedly burglarizing her former boyfriend’s home. Police said that burglary occurred the day before the fire, on Aug. 2, 2012.