Stamford police to accept guns, violent video games at buyback

gunbuybackStamford Police say they’ll be giving out gift cards in exchange for guns at a buy back event next month, and they’ll also be accepting other dangerous weapons and violent video games.

The department says it will exchange gift cards ranging from $50 to 150 at a buyback event on Dec. 14. The value of the gift card will vary depending on the type of firearm a person turns in.

Police say they will also accept voluntary submissions of other dangerous weapons, such as knifes, swords and spears as well as violent video games, movies and computer software.

“We know people and especially children are affected by watching and playing violent media and this is an opportunity to dispose of the items,” the department wrote on its Facebook page this week.

Any firearms that are turned in must be unloaded. People who bring weapons by car should transport them in the trunk. People who do not bring the weapons by car should carry the unloaded weapon in a box or bag. Ammunition should be transported in a container separate from the weapon.

The buyback will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at police headquarters at 805 Bedford Street.

Bridgeport police held a similar buyback event earlier this month and collected 168 weapons in exchange for $15,000 cash and $100 in grocery vouchers.

Wes Duplantier