Former boyfriend arrested after brake lines cut


A Stamford judge on Monday refused to reduce the bond on a Norwalk man who got arrested after his former Stamford girlfriend’s brake lines were intentionally cut on her car last month.

Judge Thomas Colin decided that the bond on Philip Kostowski, 28, of 39 Gillies Lane Norwalk, would stay as set at $100,000 despite defense attorney Mickey Sherman’s protestations that his client would stay away from the former girlfriend –who is also the mother of his young child- and return to court on a lesser bond.

On Friday, Kostowski was picked up on a Stamford police warrant charging him with stalking and violating a protective order already in place prohibiting him from stalking, assaulting, following or harassing the former girlfriend.
While arguing for a $25,000 bond, Sherman told Colin there was absolutely no evidence found by police that would indicate that Kostowski cut the young woman’s brake lines.

Colin was unmoved.

After reading the four-page arrest affidavit, Colin said from the bench, “I have reason to believe this defendant may be a danger to the alleged victim.” If Kostowski makes bond, and his family was working with a bondsman to do just that, he must wear a GPS tracking device that would have protected zones around the former girlfriend’s home and work place programmed into the device. Colin also said Kostowski can only be released from the Stamford courthouse, so someone can alert the woman that Kostowski has been released.

The investigation into Kostowski’s actions began on Nov. 9, when his 22-year-old former girlfriend called police to say that she found her brake lines cut that morning and she suspected that Kostowski did it, the arrest warrant said.

The Advocate is withholding the woman’s name and address, because she is the victim of a crime.

The night before the woman said she was working as a shot girl at two local bars and as she was providing sample drinks to customers she noticed that Kostowski was at each place.

At 11:30 p.m. that Friday night when she was walking to her car after leaving the second bar, the woman said Kostowski approached her and tapped her on the shoulder. She ignored him and kept walking, even after he asked her for a cigarette, the woman told police.

After getting home, the woman went outside to smoke a cigarette and noticed Kostowski’s car in a parking lot next to her residence. He texted her saying, “What do you want from me?” the warrant said.

The next morning she got into her car and realized something was wrong because when she stepped on the brakes, the pedal went all the way to the floor.

Then she saw brake fluid all over the ground next to each front tire, the warrant said.

Her current boyfriend told the woman that the passenger side brake line had been cut through completely, while the driver’s side brake had only one small cut, the warrant said.

The woman said she was scared of Kostowski and that once last year he told her, “anything can happen on the road, maybe brakes won’t work.”

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3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    If whomever posted those comment below would like to help phil regarding the comments you posted. Contact Mickey Sherman at 203.912.0325

  2. Somebody2 says:

    I agree and know firsthand that the post from Somebody is fact. I witnessed her come to his job and flip out on him for refusing to marry him and said she would make him pay. On countless occasions, she verbally lashed out at him in front of all his friends and tried to destroy his reputation. She is crazy to the point where she had one of her friends beat her face in and tried to blame him. Funny thing is, I was with him when that incident occurred. He’s not going to do anything stupid to her vehicle because it drives his son around, who she doesn’t even really love. She just dangles him in his face and to make attempts at getting him to cave in to marriage. And on a lighter note, he doesn’t smoke or have time to go to bars in Stamford. The guy spends every moment he can working when he doesn’t have his son with him.

  3. Somebody says:

    The woman aka Anastasia, is a liar and is only doing this because Phil refuses to marry her because she’s a nut job. She probably cut her own brake lines to blame on him. And he doesn’t even smoke so why would he be asking her for a cigarette?