CL&P warns customers about the Green Dot scam

CL&P warns customers to beware of the Green Dot scam.

Customers, especially Spanish-speaking ones, have been targeted with phone calls by phony CL&P representatives. These representatives inform customers that their service will be shut off and advise them to purchase a “Green Dot” VISA card to make a payment.

CL&P does not require customers to purchase any type of pre-paid card to pay their bill.

If a customer was scheduled for disconnection because of nonpayment, they would receive written notice  along with steps on how to maintain their service. They can also find their account status, including past due balance on the CL& P website or by calling and using the company’s automated phone system.

Should you receive such a call, CL& P urges individuals not to give out your social security number or account number unless you are speaking with an authorized person from the company.
The Cl& P website,, provides more information on how to protect personal information. Consumers may also visit to learn what to do if their identity is stolen or their personal or financial information has been compromised.

Harold Davis