Partial Christmas Sausage miracle for DeYulio


Jennifer Oxer, the GM at DeYulio’s called to tell us that the 100-year-old family company has found a sausage maker who will produce DeYulio product until the family gets its new factory up and running in Bridgeport.

We hope to get more details on the matter later today.

Unfortunately, the packers and production workers are still out of jobs, Oxer said. That’s one reason the firm had asked for a three month reprieve from eviction by the city. But there was no mercy from City Hall.


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Rob Varnon

5 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Why is this a story. The urban transit way has been in progress for YEARS. Any one can look online and see the list of properties being taken over. They knew years ago they had to move and didn’t, stop portraying it like the city told them for the first time 2 days before Christmas.

  2. bcliff says:

    Only gubamint would shut down a business 4 the good of the people.

  3. Uncledave says:

    Hurry up with your moderation already! Ya bums.

  4. Uncledave says:

    A man comes home and tells his wife he got fired. The wife asks why? He tells her because he got his hand caught in the sausage maker…

  5. Disgusted says:

    The family makes sure it still makes money. They probably aren’t doing a thing for the workers they laid off because they dragged their feet in finding a new place.