Stamford Christmas tree pickup

169270531 (1)‘Twas the day after Christmas

And all through the street

Stamfordites wondered

‘What do I do with my tree?’

Make plans to hang onto your trees for a couple more weeks. The city of Stamford’s scheduled Christmas tree pickup will begin on Monday, Jan. 13, according to a posting on the city’s website. Though if you live North of the Merritt, you could be home to your tree all the way through Feb. 10.  Here’s the full schedule from the city:

CaptureFor more details, check out the webpage on


Maggie Gordon

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  1. karenf says:

    I still have never been able to figure out why the taxpayers foot the bill for decorations removal. A homeowner brings a tree into the home and then can’t figure out how to strap it back on the car and take it to the dump?