Stamford signs still claim ‘Mayor Michael A. Pavia’ welcomes you

I stepped out of Stamford for a bit this afternoon to grab lunch in Greenwich. Upon returning home, via the Atlantic Street exit on Interstate-95, I spotted this sign:

photo (6)

If you look at the top of the sign, you’ll see the arch simply says “Stamford,” while the two lines below read


Mayor Michael A. Pavia”

It’s already been more than a month since Mayor David Martin was sworn in to head the city, which begs the question: When is Stamford’s signage going to get with the times?


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Maggie Gordon

8 Responses

  1. taxed2much says:

    Cant we get these signs changed and forget this era?
    Pavia was and will forever be known as the worst Stamford mayor in our history.
    Let the healing begin.

  2. Robt says:

    Maggie, I have an idea. Lets hire a couple of teams of road crews, make up the signs overnight, and have them installed even if it costs the City $100,000. That way we can make you happy. For taxpayers like me, I can wait a few weeks until the streets are free of snow and ice and work crews can take care of this on regular time rate cards as priorities allow.

  3. Mayor McCheese says:

    Maybe they should just remover the name of the mayor altogether so that we don’t have to pay for these signs to change every 4 years or so. Same with the Welcome to Connecticut signs. These amount to nothing more than publically supported political advertising.

  4. Sue Sweeney says:

    what if we take the current elected officials names off all the signs and save ourselves a bunch of money?

  5. GlenbrookGuy says:

    Which in turn begs the question: What should be the city’s priorities? Is changing the name of the mayor on a street sign the most important issue the city faces? Is it even close?

  6. Bob says:

    Just leave it empty. Not only is it an unnecessary cost to replace, but Martin will largely be empty air for the next four years.

  7. Veritas says:

    When Ernie finds enough scrap metal for some new ones?

  8. Drive fast take chances says:

    Has to be a plastic sign. Otherwise the scrap metal crooks would have grabbed it 30 seconds after the election.