Teen arrested for punching fireman responding to medical call

The teenaged brother of a woman being seeking assistance during a medical aid call was arrested for punching a responding firefighter in the face two days before Christmas.

Marquette Wilson, 18, of 12 Chestnut St., Stamford, was charged Monday with assault on a fireman, interfering with police and disorderly conduct.

Firefighters and medics were called to Wilson’s home before 10 a.m. Monday Dec. 23 to help Wilson’s sister with a medical problem.

When they got to the scene, Marquette, who was wearing no shirt, became agitated and as family members were trying to hold him back he punched the firefighter and ran off down the street. One firefighter chased the teen around the block but lost him.

The firefighter suffered minor injuries and was taken to Stamford Hospital along with Wilson’s sister.