The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council meets Wednesday in Stamford

The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council, a state appointed group of rail riders,  will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday on the third floor of the Stamford Government Center to discuss rail transportation issues and projects related to Connecticut.

The public has the right to participate in the meetings and discuss issues with Metro-North service with the group.

The  meeting’s agenda includes Connecticut Department of Transportation and Metro-North operational and safety updates, an election of officers, and approval of a 2014 list of meetings and bylaws.

The group replaces a predecessor group called the Connecticut Metro-North Commuter Rail Council which was disbanded last year under controversial legislation proposed by Governor Dannel P. Malloy.  In part the legislation sought to make the new body a representative of all Connecticut rail riders including the New Haven Hartford Springfield line, but also included significant changes to the body’s legislatively approved power.

A legislative effort spearheaded by State Rep. Tony Hwang, R-134, who represents Fairfield, was able to successfully amend  that proposed legislation to maintain long standing language empowering the 15-member group to request information and other records about railway performance and allow it to continue to select its own chairperson.

So far there are only 12 of the 15 members to the group appointed.