Poll: Was closing school early for Tuesday’s storm the right call?

snowy schoolbusWhen it snows, the schools superintendent has to decided whether to cancel school, dismiss students early, or keep the kids in school all day. No matter the decision, it’s always controversial.

The schools are loathe to cancel school, to avoid having to cut into spring and summer vacations to fulfill the required 184 school days. A half day still counts toward them.

For Tuesday’s big snowstorm the schools dismissed early. Was that the right call? Do the kids really get anything done that day? It was already snowing, so letting the kids out early didn’t prevent parents and buses from driving in it. If they’re going to drive in snow anyway, why not let the kids stay in school all day.

Was closing the schools early for Tuesday’s storm the right call?

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Christine Hall

10 Responses

  1. J Bianco says:

    I think that we spend too much time on silly debates like whether closing school early or altogether was a good call. Go with the flow people. Life is too short to spend it complaining about decisions that, in the grand scheme of things, mean nothing.

  2. Cat Kerry says:

    Having regular day and parents with kids driving at end of day would have been problematic.
    On a regular day , the late elementary schools would have buses driving between 3:30 and 4 and the conditions at that time were terrible.At that point, most roads that had been plowed were snow covered and slippery and I 95 was crawling at 5 miles per hour. Wind shields were getting iced with the temperature difference.
    The snow was coming down much harder by then. Getting the buses done by 2:30-3:00 was a good move and that allowed employees to get on the road home.
    Try driving a bus in this weather!
    One of the NYC news stations had a reporter falling a NYC school bus that had left at 3 and was still not done taking kids to their stops in midtown at6 in the evening.

  3. anna says:

    yes to early release yesterday. the roads were really bad all over by noon.

    ridiculous to not have had a delay today (Wed)…all other districts had a delay
    Stamford made that call TOO EARLY

    roads were fine by 10 am

    midterms got screwed up

  4. Shelly Watson says:

    An early release was planned, as the kids have mid-terms so there was really no loss for the high schools and all other schools were closed for safety.

  5. L. Rosa says:

    The roads were a nightmare at 3:00pm with people leaving early and the roads not in good condition. It was best the schools closed earlier and by 3:00pm the buses were mostly off the road. What should have been a 15 minute commute was a one hour commute yesterday

  6. Parent says:

    Yes it was the right call for safety because roads were poor later in the day. The delay opening today should have been only 1 hour.

  7. StamfordGuy says:

    Who wrote this poll? The reason for a “yes” vote would be because closing school early meant the buses would be on the roads before conditions got bad and all the commuters were on the road. Closing early was safer than having the full day. They don’t always make the right decision, but closing early yesterday was right.

  8. Karen says:

    It did not matter to me as my daughter is in high school and mid-terms are this week so she would of been home early anyway. However, i think the decisions being made for school closures/early dismissals or delays so far this winter have been spot on.

  9. KLong says:

    It was good to close school early. I teach in Stamford but live in Fairfield. Many teachers live even farther away. By the time I got to Exit 20, it was snowing very hard and the roads were quite dangerous. If it would have been a full day of school, many teachers would have called out due to the horrible weather conditions. An extra day in the Summer is always nice, but the safety of the children, teachers and parents must come first. In my classroom, by the way, we did got quite a lot done, even on the shortened schedule. I completed 2 DRA tests, held Writer’s Workshop and did a math lesson complete with math centers.

  10. K. Merole says:

    While it was wise to close the schools early, and it does count to the requirements for the school year. Thinking or commenting that they should have stayed in school – obviously doesn’t have children possibly and doesn’t know the planning that has to go into getting them at school early; having to leave work early; and if it was the entire day, it would have been worse – it was coming down pretty badly at 3 pm! Plows forget certain streets in neighborhoods – especially dead ends. If you are not on a well traveled street, you needed to be extremely careful and pray that you, your kids and car got home in one piece.