Should medical marijuana dispensaries be allowed in Stamford?


marijuana30_phNow that someone has expressed interest in opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Stamford, the city’s Zoning Board voted unanimously to propose a moratorium on such outlets while the city studies what effect they might have.

What do you think? Should Stamford allow medical marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in town?

Should medical marijuana dispensaries be allowed in Stamford?

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Christine Hall

3 Responses

  1. Chode M says:

    Please legalize! I need better stuff everyone sells me boo

  2. Isaac says:

    No questions asked just open a shop everyone in stamford is for it!!!

  3. Mayor McCheese says:

    Yes, absolutely. If they can put a CVS every 500 feet in Stamford , a store which dispenses far more dangerous drugs than pot, I don’t see what’s wrong with at lest one dispensary in Stamford. These customers are not criminals, just patients. If you make it a big deal, then that’s what it will become. Just accept it and move on. Nothing to see here. . .