Just cleared parking spaces lead to West Side shoving match

Two West Side Stamford men were charged with breach of peace following a shoving match that occurred after one neighbor dug out two parking spaces in front of his house and his neighbor promptly took them both.

Lanorris Holley, 49, of 19 Victory St., and Luciano Torres, 41, of 22 Victory St., were charged with breach of peace and released after signing written promises to appear in court.

Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said police were called by someone on Victory Street who said two men were fighting in the street at 1:14 p.m. Monday.

When police got there they saw Holley, Torres and another man Ronald Lorte, 29, of 194 West Ave. arguing in the street.

Holley said he had just spent much of the morning digging the snow and ice out of two parking spaces in front of his home. He said that he and his wife went shopping and when they returned they found two of Torres’ cars parked in the freshly cleared spaces.

Holley said he respectfully went to Torres’ home to ask him “pleasantly” to move the vehicles out of the two parking spots, but the an argument quickly ensued and escalated with the two men in the street pushing and shoving one another, Shawinsky said.

Torres kept telling Holley that they lived on a public street and he could park anywhere along it that he choose, Shawinsky said.

Holley replied that he had just spent hours digging the two spaces out and that he wanted to use them.

While the pushing match was going on a friend of Torres, Ronald Lorte, passed by and he got into the argument and shoved Holley, Shawinsky said. Lorte was also charged with breach of peace.

The police officers noted in their report that the driveways belonging to both Torres and Holley were completely cleared of snow and had no cars in them when the argument took place.