Westhill substitute charged with masturbating in school hallway

st0227stluecke-690STAMFORD — A 72-year-old substitute teacher at Westhill High School is facing multiple charges after he was allegedly masturbating in a school hallway Wednesday shortly after the school day began.

According to police, Michael Luecke was spotted lying on the floor by a paraeducator who thought he was injured. When she got closer, she realized the man had his hand in his pants and he was fully aroused, police said.

The paraeducator then yelled at Luecke and then notified school officials. Luecke then allegedly ran off, police said.

School principal Camille Figluizzi said she called police and turned over video surveillance of the incident.

Figluizzi said class was in session at the time and the students who passed by Luecke’s location in the Raynor house of the building did not seem to notice the incident.

According to police, six students passed the location while Luecke was masturbating. Police said they are currently in the process of identifying the students to determine if there’s a need for counseling.

Luecke was charged with public indecency, second-degree breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor. He was being held on a $25,000 bond.

One person tweeted from the school that the man was spotted by several people masturbating in the hallway of the school .

The substitute was dismissed immediately Wednesday, according to Figluizzi said.

Figliuzzi said there were no problems with this substitute in the past, but she also couldn’t say he was at Westhill regularly.

Substitutes are dispatched by the central district to the schools and are not hired by Westhill.

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