Stamford teacher arraigned on indecency charges

st0227stluecke-690A Stamford judge on early Thursday afternoon reduced the bail bond of a Stamford substitute teacher accused of masturbating in the hallway of Westhill High School early Wednesday morning.
Judge Thomas Colin reduced Michael Luecke’s bond from $25,000 to $10,000 and requires that he post the bond at the courthouse so that he could immediately be fitted with an electronic monitoring device before leaving the courthouse.
Luecke, 72, was spotted by an assistant teacher at 7:30 a.m. in a hallway masturbating, police said. A surveillance tape showed Luecke a few minutes before he masturbating while watching school kids through a window.
After being discovered, Luecke ran off and after being identified as the man in the hallway, he was pulled out of a class he was teaching by school resource police officers.
As Luecke entered the courtroom he smiled at his girlfriend, sitting several rows back in he courtroom gallery. He also turned while the judge was conferring with a prosecutor and public defender and winked at the woman, who was sitting with a female neighbor of Luecke. Otherwise, except when speaking to his public defender in hushed tones, Luecke remained quiet.
According to the bail commissioner Luecke, who also works in the Greenwich schools as a substitute, has no criminal record and us been living in Connecticut for six years.
His assistant public defender, Antigone Curis, said after having a short conversation with Luecke, she was requesting a competency evaluation -to ensure he understood the charges against him and could assist in his own defense.
Colin agreed and also required that he undergo mental health evaluation and treatment if necessary.
Colin also ruled that if released, Luecke must remain under house arrest and could not visit any schools and would be prohibited from having contact with any minors.
Luecke made no pleas to the charges and is scheduled to return to court on March 27.

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