WPCA board approves budget


STAMFORD — The Water Pollution Control Authority board of directors voted Wednesday to approve a $26 million operating budget for next fiscal year.

The budget forecasts a 1.68 percent increase in revenue and 2.4 percent increase in expenses for fiscal year 2014-15. The WPCA anticipates collecting $19.2 million in sewer use fees from its users, representing a 5.1 percent increase.

The budget will now go before Stamford’s Board of Finance and Board of Representatives for consideration.


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3 Responses

  1. downthemiddle says:

    Termination = Privatization

    Come on BOR and BOF……its time to have that conversation

    The people deserve better than this.Cut the cord.

  2. Veritas says:

    There is only one cure for the WPCA – termination.

    It needs to vote itself out of existence and be replaced with a more responsible and responsive agency. Its collection system should – like those in many neighboring communities – qualify WPCA fees as local taxes, enabling homeowners to claim them on their income tax returns.

  3. Leo Kremer says:

    Increase again – now it is 5.1% that all home and condo units’ owners will have to pay, and this “robbery” of our residents is NOT finished yet.
    Let’s see what the Board of Finance says about it…