Car chase called off in Darien as speeds reach over 100 mph

Stamford police said they broke off a car chase Friday morning after the driver who sped away from a Cove area car stop was seen doing over 100 mph on the Post Road in Darien while escaping.

Lt. Chris Baker said Narcotics and Organized Crime squad officers spotted something suspicious about a four-door grey Honda at the corner of Avery Street and Cove Road at about 10:15 a.m. and had just pulled it over.

As an officer walked up to the vehicle on the passenger side of the car, leaving another officer behind the wheel, the officer on foot said he saw the passenger motion to the driver to get going and speed away.

As the car pulled away, it swerved to the right, apparently trying to strike the officer who was on foot, Baker said. That officer was able to jump over at least one car and escape being hit by the Honda, Baker said.

The Honda was chased by police down Weed Avenue and it turned into Darien. While going up the Post Road for less than a mile heading east, the Honda topped speeds of 100 mph, Baker said.

At that point, police called off the chase.

“It wasn’t worth wrecking some family over this, or anything,” Baker said. “The speeds were so high that if he went into the oncoming lanes, we decided to call off the pursuit.”

Baker said the investigation, which is being assisted by Darien, is continuing.