Man arrested for trying to sexually assault girl, 15

A New Jersey construction worker spending the night with his Stamford employer was charged with trying to have sex with the man’s 14-year-old daughter early Friday morning, police say.

The man, Alberto Garrido, 29, of Plainfield, New Jersey, was apprehended by Darien police walking along West Avenue after he ran out of his boss’s Stamford home.

Police charged Garrido with risk of injury to a child, disorderly conduct and attempted second-degree sexual assault.

At his arraignment at the Stamford courthouse early Friday afternoon assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Ross-Benjamin called the allegations “incredibly disturbing” and asked that Garrido, a native of Guatemala, who was helped by the Spanish interpreter to understand what was happening during the court hearing, be held in lieu of a $100,000 court appearance bond.

Judge Thomas Colin set Garrido’s bond at $100,000 and prohibited him from coming into contact with the girl or her family if he gets released on bail.

Lt. Diedrich Hohn said police were called to a Stamford home near the city’s East Side at about 1:30 a.m. Friday by a man who said that a carpenter he was employing from New Jersey had just tried to have sex with his 14-year-old daughter. Police are withholding the address of the home in order to protect the girl’s identity.

Hohn said that in the early morning Garrido slipped into bed with the girl, who was sleeping next to her five-year-old sister.

Garrido rubbed the girl’s back and kissed her before making other sexual advances toward her.

Once the girl realized what was happening, she pushed Garrido away and jumped up and ran to her mother and father and told them what happened.

The girl’s parents confronted Garrido about what he did and he fled out of the house without a jacket on.

For a time Hohn said Garrido was hanging out at the Shell Station on Hope and Church streets and he told the clerk he was waiting for a ride.

The man seemed suspicious without a coat on and the clerk eventually told the man he could not wait at the gas station any longer and Garrido walked off, Hohn said.

At about 3 a.m. Darien police, who had been made aware of the description of the man Stamford police were looking for, spotted Garrido as he was walking past 347 West Ave., Hohn said. Maple Tree Avenue turns into West Avenue in Darien. He was detained by Darien police until the girl’s parents could identify Garrido as the man who tried to sexually assault their daughter, Hohn said.