Yerwood Center board votes to suspend services


Following disclosures of financial turmoil and the firing of its executive director, the Yerwood Center’s board voted Friday night to suspend services. Here is the announcement issued late Friday:

February 28, 2014 – Stamford, CT — The Yerwood Center Board of Directors today announced that the Center will temporarily suspend programs and operations after the close of business on Friday, March 7, 2014. Recent financial hardships have resulted in insufficient funding to keep the Center open. The new Interim Director, Fernando Luis Alvarez, who is also Chairman of the Board, together with the rest of the Board, are consulting with other community members who can offer support and assistance so that the Center can reopen its doors to the community as quickly as possible and be fully compliant with all state and local directives.

“We deeply regret that the suspension of operations is necessary,” said Alvarez, “but we are hopeful that the doors will only be closed for a short time. We are truly grateful to all the dedicated employees that have helped to keep the Center going for the children in the community. The focus will continue to be on providing programs and facilities necessary to assist all Stamford families in need.”

Employees of the Yerwood Center were notified of the suspension of services on Friday, February 28th and are assisting in the dissemination of information to schools, area organizations and the families who use the facilities.

“We are confident that with the support of the community, the Yerwood Center will reopen soon, and will come back stronger than ever,” said Alvarez. “It is essential that we continue the vision of Dr. Joyce Yerwood by providing programs that empower children and help them achieve their dreams.”

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Jonathan Lucas

10 Responses

  1. here says:

    I never ever believed that Drogba will run on the Bridge once more, well it’s that day!

  2. JACK says:

    Don’t feel bad about being duped by Mr. Campbell. He has done it over and over again making people believe he was the all knowing and saving grace of Yerwood. Truth be told it, is solely because of him that Yerwood is now closed. Have you looked at all the lawsuits pending against and claimed against Yerwood the last few years. He has created programs as a false front to get donors funds in, and then all the funding goes…..? He says he’s running a teen center yet the teen center is what is free/reduced labor for the after school program. Not to mention the food came from Catholic Charities…NOT from yerwood. Then Yerwood has the guts to promote and get grants that it is feeding each child in its’ programs. 100% funded by Catholic charities. Welcome to Eugene Campbell’s personal Ponzi scheme. Wake up community!

  3. kim frances says:

    This decision is very sad to.the entire community. The Yerwood Center staff and the Children that attend are a close family. Mr Eugene Campbell is a positive role model and loves each and every child that comes through the door. The staff has a dedication to the children and provides excellent care. This decision is heartbreaking and effects the community as a whole.

  4. Anthony says:

    We need the full background on WHAT is happening and WHY. From what I know of the Yerwood Center, it is vital for the kids in the local community. It would be a shame if the facility and services closed for a prolong period.

  5. kim frances says:

    I am a parent and now a grandparent to children who.attend the Yerwood Center……as a resident of the Westside of Stamford where the Yerwood is located……i have seen first hand the difference that the center has on the community.Many children attend the afterschool , program and the activities that the center provides.Many parents rely on the center to provide care for their children while the work……The children come daily and are cared for by loving staff, who truely love each and every child…..Children are well care for…given a meal daily, enhancing their academics by having homework time, reading and writing programs, computer time as well as sport activities and swimming lessons. Many of these children would not have an opportunity to be involved in thesecactivities if it wasnt for the Yerwood center. The staff is phenomenal. ….each staff member knows the children by name, and give them individualized attention.Mr. Eugene Campbell is a leader and a positive role model. Ms.Debra Campbell truely has a love for children.Mrs.Sandra Pryor does all she can to help each child be successful in school. Ms.Bonnie Campbell is an teacher that always want the best for each child.And the staff that are there taking care of the children go above and beyond eveyday and want each child to reach their fullest potential. I know shutting down the Yerwood even for just one day is going to have a devastating effect on the parents,the children,and the community.

  6. Ralph says:

    Bonnie Kim Campbell: A diverse oversight committee was already in place. Why not try a qualified oversight committee, irregardless of diversity. Let the money train run dry. Donors should have ZERO confidence that their funds will be spent responsibly.

  7. Ralph says:

    The staff at the Yerwood Center are solely concerned with retaining their paychecks. The city has an obligation to the taxpayers to file a request with the court demanding that taxpayer money not be allocated any further to the Yerwood Center. Furthermore, since it is city property, the city does possess proper standing, including to retake the property itself. The Yerwood Center is in breach of its contract and the city MUST respond forcefully.

  8. Ralph says:

    No further taxpayer dollars should be allocated until a financial audit is conducted, at the cost of the Yerwood Center. If wrongdoing is found then the city should indefinitely suspend further financial support. The Yerwood Center does NOT have qualified individuals at the top, including the replacement. Was he oblivious to what was occurring at the top of the chain. Taxpayers do NOT need the Yerwood Center. The Yerwood Center needs taxpayers (money).

  9. Veritas says:

    This performance has been repeated all too often.

  10. Bonnie Kim Campbell says:

    Please be advised that the Yerwood Center Staff filed and was granted an injunction against the Yerwood Center Board of Directors. The Center will not be closing and programs will remain in effect as the staff forms a diverse oversight committee. More to come.

    Bonnie Kim Campbell