DUI checkpoints in store for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day now less than five days away.

Got your green? Got a parade or hangout spot picked to celebrate the day? Got a plan for getting home safely if you’ve been drinking?

NorwalkIf you’re not quite sure about that last one, you might want to thinking again before going out partying this weekend.

Police in Norwalk say they’ll be working with New Canaan police to do a DUI checkpoint on Saturday in effort to prevent crashes, injuries and deaths from marring the holiday weekend. They’ll also have additional officers on the road for Monday, which is St. Patrick’s Day, specifically to crack down on drunk driving.

Norwalk authorities say that two-thirds of DUI crashes happen on weekends. They also say that Connecticut has a higher proportion of alcohol-related fatalities (43%) than the national average.

So be green, be lucky and if you’re drinking, arrange for someone else to do the driving.


Wes Duplantier